Why You Should Backup To The Cloud



For IT leaders challenged to increase resiliency while keeping costs down, disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) should be seen as an essential piece of the modern data center puzzle.

By overcoming high cost and complexity issues organisations can start to realise the many benefits of DRaaS, which we have listed below:

Get fast recovery
If a disaster occurs, every second your system is down means that you are losing money. DRaaS can enable you to restore normal operations in minutes, rather than hours or even days.

Keep a lid on costs
Building and maintaining a remote DR site is expensive and complex. But DRaaS eliminates the need to run your own DR site – today, cloud backup is a must ensure costs are driven down without compromise.

Allow for flexibility
Rather than traditional DR’s rigidity, DRaaS allows you to activate virtual off-site resources on demand. And there’s no shortage of options: you can choose from a variety of recovery scopes, depending on the nature and severity of the disaster. Backing up to the cloud gives IT leaders agency to scale up or down depending on their unique requirements.

Operate with simplicity
New technology advances allow you to quickly and simply implement DRaaS and manage backup and recovery far more easily. Though tireless innovations, DRaaS is a superior cloud backup service.

Obtain high security and compliance
The best DRaaS solutions ensure that data is encrypted in transit and at rest. We understand that a robust DRaaS solution that has automated testing capabilities can greatly reduce expenses required to run those tests, which is why our backup solution is second to none.

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